ASUS X401 Hands-On: Affordable 14-inch Notebook Sizzles With Style


ASUS’s Computex counter is superfluous with Ivy Bridge-powered notebooks, many of that are set to be expelled within a subsequent few weeks. Of a dozen or so new models on display, maybe a many engaging is a 14-inch X401, a skinny and light cover that’s designed to be as good looking as it is inexpensive. 

Targeted during bill disposed users, a X401 will lift an MSRP of $549 when it launches after this summer, yet one ASUS repute during a counter told us it would finish adult costing closer to $400.  Proving that users don’t need to scapegoat character for savings, a X401 comes has an appealing soft-touch matte finish on a rug with a tone intrigue that carries by on both a rug and lid. The cover will come in 4 constrained colors: orange green, light pink, white and black. The white and black models we saw also seemed to have a hardness on their palmrests.

 At 1.08-inches thick, a ASUS X401 is no Ultrabook, though a black cosmetic sides have a round opening settlement and rectilinear figure that make them demeanour thinner than they are.  The well-spoken black island-style keys mix with a clickpad that matches a tone of a rug to give this cover a unequivocally reward aesthetic.

Key specs embody a 3rd Generation Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, adult to a 750GB 5,400 rpm tough expostulate and a 1366 x 768 fortitude screen. Users who are watchful for Windows 8 will wish to wait a bit longer as this cover will launch with Windows 7.  

The X401 doesn’t have an visual drive, though it does container a plain preference of ports. On a left side sits a singular USB pier while on a right we found a VGA port, fold-out Ethernet, SD label reader, HDMI-out and a second USB port.

ASUS says that, notwithstanding a automatic tough drive, a cover will resume from nap in only 2 seconds. The X401 employs a cooling complement a association calls IceCool Technology to keep a area nearby a palmrest cold to a touch.

According to ASUS, a X401 we saw on arrangement also has a 13-inch younger hermit with identical specs dubbed a X301. 

We had a possibility to go hands-on with a X401 and were gratified with a correctness of a clickpad, that in a brief experience, didn’t seem to have any of a jumpiness we’ve found on so many other buttonless designs. The shade seemed comparatively splendid and a looping video played smoothly. The keyboard felt manageable and giveaway from flex, though a genuine stand-out underline we found was a palmrest that felt unequivocally soothing and gentle to a touch. 

We demeanour brazen to reviewing a ASUS X401 in aspiring someday soon. In a meantime, check out a video and gallery next for a closer lok.





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