Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro Phone Packs Giant Battery, 2K Display

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Lenovo’s famous for a notebooks, though a association also creates a possess phones, essentially for a Chinese market. As a follow-up to a considerable 5.5-inch Vibe Z smartphone launched during CES this year, a Vibe Z2 Pro is a 6-inch phablet that Lenovo says will be out in stores soon. But there’s no word nonetheless on accurately when that will be or how most a device will cost. 

What unequivocally stands out about a Vibe Z2 Pro is a 4,000-mAh battery — outrageous compared to a Samsung Galaxy S5′s 3,200-mAh and a HTC One M8′s 2,600-mAh ones. Granted, a Vibe Z2 Pro is also larger, with a 6-inch arrangement compared to a S5′s 5.1-inch and a One M8′s 5-inch faces.

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Lenovo showed off a Vibe Z2 Pro’s special facilities in a video posted to YouTube on Aug 5.

Your calm should demeanour good and pointy on a Z2 Pro’s display, interjection to a 2K, 2560 x 1440 resolution. The Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 both have only full HD (1920 x 1080) displays. 

Like a Galaxy S5, a Vibe Z2 Pro carries a 16-MP behind camera, though Lenovo’s phone can fire 4K video. It appears to container several engaging camera facilities such as an Ultra Night Mode for low light cinema and Pro mode to adjust finer settings such as contrast, white balance, ISO light attraction and concentration level. This Pro mode’s interface is suggestive of identical settings menus on Nokia’s Lumia 1020. 

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Despite a vast energy pack, a Vibe Z2 Pro is a neat 7.7mm (0.30 inches) thin. That’s slimmer than a HTC (0.36 inches) though rather thicker than a S5 (0.25 inches). The Lenovo phablet also facilities what a association calls a “metallic brush-weaved” finish on a behind and comes in 3 colors — Titanium (silver), Gold and Black — in a attractive unibody design. 

1407337107 675383.15217391304

Running Android 4.4 with Lenovo’s possess Vibe 2.0 UI, a Z2 Pro is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, that is a same as a one in a Galaxy S5 and a HTC One M8. 

While Lenovo’s smartphones have nonetheless to make it stateside, a association has pronounced in a past that it will eventually move phones to a shores. We demeanour brazen to removing a hands on a Vibe Z2 Pro to see how it stacks adult opposite other heading flagships.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Likely Launching Sept. 3


Samsung fans looking brazen to a supplement to final year’s grievous Galaxy Note 3 shouldn’t have to wait most longer. The smartphone builder will horde a annual Unpacked eventuality during a IFA 2014 discussion in Berlin on Sept. 3, when we’re really approaching to see a Galaxy Note 4′s central reveal. 

The Galaxy Note 2 and 3 were denounced during prior Unpacked showcases, so a latest iteration’s attainment is all though imminent. The Note 4 is rumored to exaggerate some critical specs, including a 5.7-inch 2560 x 1440 quad HD display, a brawny quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor and a 16-megapixel behind camera.

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The Note 4 could come in a winding variation, according to Korean reports from progressing this summer. This wouldn’t be a company’s initial winding handset (the Galaxy Round was launched in Korea final year), though it would symbol a initial time that business had dual versions of a Galaxy Note to select from. 

Samsung has seen a poignant dump in profits, though a association recently promised two new smartphones over a entrance months to assistance it rebound back. The Note 4 needs to be a strike this holiday season, deliberation Apple’s hotly approaching iPhone 6 is approaching to arrive in both 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch variations.

We’ll be on a belligerent during IFA 2014, so stay tuned for central news and hands-on impressions once a Note 4 shows a face. 


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Best iPad Air Keyboards: 6 Cases Reviewed

With a lighter pattern and quick A7 processor, a iPad Air is one gaunt and meant tablet, though it’s not only for fun. Now that a iWork program apartment is accessible for giveaway on any iOS 7 device, and Office for iPad is also for sale, a Air is also a good apparatus for modifying reports, holding notes, crunching numbers or tweaking a last-minute presentation. There’s only one thing missing: a earthy keyboard. We tested and reviewed six Bluetooth keyboards designed to work with a iPad Air, evaluating design, typing comfort, special facilities and more.


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10 Surprising Things You Can Do with Twitter

The Twitterverse is a good opening for your 140 character-long ramblings, yet a amicable network is means of so most some-more — if we know where to look. From shutting down your mechanism remotely to apropos partial of a zombie apocalypse, Twitter is full of fun and useful tricks that we never knew about. Here are a tip 10 twicks (tweets+tricks, get it?) that go over Twitter to make a genuine universe better.

1. Control your mechanism (PC or Mac)

tweetmypc 552x400

Left your mechanism using during home after withdrawal for a month-long holiday? You can usually twitter “shutdown” to your PC or Mac to spin it off. TweetMyPC and TweetMyMac are programs that we implement to control your mechanism remotely. In further to “shutdown,” we can control your computer’s volume, open a URL, arrangement or send a summary and start or finish apps.

2. Control your apps

ctrltwt 2633581406668507 588x400

It can be vapid to open a second app usually to like an Instagram design we came opposite on Twitter. With CtrlTwit, we can usually respond to a twitter containing an Instagram print “@instagram like #ctrltwit” to like a picture. You can criticism and follow Instagram users as well.

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CtrlTwit can also supply we with recommendations from Foursquare, save links to Pocket, allow to YouTube channels, check how most space we have left in Dropbox and RSVP to Meetup. You usually have to sanction CtrlTwit to use information from any app.

3. Change channels on your TV

Comcast Xfinity TV subscribers can use Twitter as a remote control with a SEEiT feature. As we corkscrew by your Twitter feed, SEEiT detects TV shows that are mentioned in tweets and displays a symbol for we to change a channel to that module immediately.

4. Add equipment to your Amazon Cart


Did we know we could twitter to go shopping? Save any tweeted Amazon couple to your selling transport by replying to it with a hashtag #AmazonCart. To follow by and buy your saved items, you’ll have to check out around a Amazon page or app. You’ll have to couple your Amazon and Twitter comment before that, and your transport stays private. Of course, if your tweets are public, anyone will be means to see (and judge) your cheesy film or uncanny tool purchases.

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5. Send someone a gift

twit 574x400

Brighten adult someone’s day by shopping them a Coke or a Starbucks coffee. The dual libation giants launched particular Tweet-a-Coffee and Tweet-a-Coke initiatives to let Twitterers send treats to their friends. Just twitter @TweetaCoke or @TweetACoffee a username of your target (add a word “enjoy” before your friend’s username for a Coke) to send them a drink.

There’s a $5 extent to what we can send, and your giftee gets a couple to an present card. Cokes can usually be redeemed during participating Regal Cinemas outlets. If a libation isn’t enough, we can also send gifts such as cupcakes, cookies or scotch marshmallows around TwitGift. Prices for those equipment operation from $10 to $15, and some-more gifts will be combined over time.

6. Listen to and find new song #music


Harness a energy of a Twitterverse to find new songs with Twitter’s really possess hashtag-driven song recommendation service. #music serves adult lists of artists and songs formed on genre (such as country, dance and folk) and recognition (such as Superstars, Emerging and Unearthed). If we have a Spotify or Rdio account, we can play a songs directly from a Twitter interface. You can also buy any lane around iTunes.

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7. Talk to your plants

botanicallssparkfunkit jade1 800 533x400

Give your plants a voice. Botanicalls is a DIY pack that includes a sensor that goes into a mud around your plant to detect moisture. When a mud gets too dry, Botanicalls will send out a twitter with a dampness turn and a note such as, “Needs water!” to a Twitter page we set up. If we follow your plant (as we should), you’ll get updates to let we know if your immature crony is feeling parched.

8. Share files


Send a PDF document, PowerPoint presentation, Zip record or other multimedia to your friends around Twitter. Services such as TwileShare and TwitDoc let we send files to others by uploading it and afterwards tweeting your collaborators. Of course, this means that anyone who can see your tweets can also entrance your file, yet if remoteness is no large understanding to you, Twitter provides a available venue for collaboration.

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9. Join a zombie apocalypse

zombies 2633581406668608

The zombie canon is real. On Twitter, during least. Twitter vs Zombies is a Twitter-based role-playing diversion we can pointer adult for. Some participants are zombies and others are humans. Zombies can widespread their infection by tweeting specific humans (usernames are collected on a scoreboard) #bite. Humans can equivocate apropos putrescent by replying “#dodge” within 5 mins of being bitten. The diversion seems to be on postponement for now, given no date has been set for a subsequent round. Keep your eyes open, yet – a passed could arise again.

10. Feed your pet

feeder 400x400

The subsequent time we forget to leave lunch out for Mr. Kibbles, we won’t have to rush all a approach home in a blind panic. That is, of course, if we have a Twitter-Controlled pet feeder set adult during home. The DIY plan combines an involuntary pet tributary ($48 on Amazon) and an Arduino proof house that communicates with Twitter to control a dispenser. All we have to do, after a rather vapid public process, is tweet, “Feed Me” from a designated Twitter comment to lot out some food for your bushy friend.

Bonus Tip: Coming Soon

View contextual Twitter hum on Xbox One

When a Twitter app for a Xbox One comes out this year, it will detect what uncover you’re examination and arrangement a live feed of associated tweets on your screen. From within a twitter stream, we can favorite and retweet posts from other users or a expel of a show. Also, in a TV beam for a Xbox TV app, you’ll see black indicating that shows are trending on Twitter, as good as a hashtag for any program.


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How to Use Mission Control on a Mac

Mission Control or Spaces on a Mac

In OS X Leopard, Apple combined a underline called Spaces, and afterwards in Lion it was upgraded to “Mission Control.” This is a apparatus that lets we see each focus we have open in each practical window on your Mac. You can also use Mission Control to switch between applications or pierce applications to opposite practical windows. Here’s how.

1. Open System Preferences and navigate to a Mission Control tab. You can change a options to fit your needs and set prohibited keys to open Mission Control, uncover your focus windows and a desktop, and uncover your dashboard.

System Preferences - Mission Control

2. Click on Hot Corners to arrangement and set what happens when we drag your rodent to a several corners of we monitor. This is a quick approach to get to a functions we use most. Click OK when we have them set a approach we like. Be certain that during slightest one prohibited dilemma or prohibited pivotal is set to Mission Control.

Hot Corners

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3. Click your prohibited pivotal or corner to open Mission Control. Here we will see your practical windows (Mac calls them desktops) opposite a tip of a screen. You can have adult to 18 practical windows.

Mission Control

4. Click and drag an app to pierce it to a opposite practical window.

Drag an app to a new practical window

5. Hover your mouse over a practical window, and click a X that appears to undo a window. If we undo a window with applications open in it, they will automatically pierce to a stream practical window.

click a x to mislay a desktop

6. Move your rodent to a top right and wait for a and idol to appear. Click that idol to supplement a new space.

click a and icon

7. Click and drag a window to pierce it to a new location. You can barter between windows by typing Ctrl-left-arrow and Ctrl-right-arrow.

drag a practical window


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This Tech Could Prevent Kid Deaths in Hot Cars

kid in automobile lead ltp

Credit: BaBeep

During a brutally prohibited summer months, a interior of your automobile turns into an oven. As a feverishness outward creeps closer to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, a inside of a automobile left in a object can strech as high as 170 degrees. Tragically, according to a non-profit child reserve group Kids and Cars, 38 children die any year in a U.S. from feverishness cadence due to being left in prohibited vehicles. 

Certainly, relatives need to be some-more attentive, though record can play a role, too. Three new inventions — The Hot Seat, Babeep and Precious Cargo app — could assistance save children’s lives by alerting relatives if they’ve incidentally left their tiny ones behind. Here’s a discerning breakdown.

The Hot Seat

Hot Seat

Credit: The Hot Seat

Created by New Mexico teen Alissa Chavez, The Hot Seat is a tiny pad that relatives place underneath their child’s automobile chair and a vicinity sensor trustworthy to a pivotal fob. If a primogenitor gets some-more than 40 feet divided from their child’s seat, an alarm in a pad will go off to warning bystanders. At a same time, a pivotal fob alarm will forewarn a parent.

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If relatives don’t have a pivotal fob on them, an enclosed app will also send an warning to their smartphones. Although she’s a high propagandize comparison now, Chavez came adult with The Hot Seat thought as an 8 grader. Now, with obvious in hand, Chavez is lifting income for her invention on Indiegogo in a wish that she can save lives from hapless accidents.

ETA and indeterminate price: Availability not nonetheless known; $100 Indiegogo donation


screen shot 2014 07 24 during 3.49.14 pm 630x400

Babeep is a tool that works exclusively with your car’s energy adapter, detecting when your automobile has been incited off. The device afterwards signals we with lights and pre-recorded baby sounds to remind we that your child is in your car. Worried about your phone using out of juice? Babeep has versed a device with a apart USB port, so we can still assign your phone while ensuring your child is safe. Like The Hot Seat, Babeep is also being saved on Indiegogo.

ETA and indeterminate price: Feb 2015; $35

Precious Cargo

screen shot 2014 07 24 during 3.52.09 pm 239x400

Developed by a father of a 1 year old, the Precious Cargo app (Android and iOS) turns on when we bond your smartphone to your automobile around Bluetooth. When activated, a app asks if we have any changed load with you. When we spin your automobile off and a Bluetooth tie is terminated, a app will send an warning reminding we to squeeze your child from a backseat.

ETA and indeterminate price: Available now; $0.99 


Article source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/notebookreviews/~3/eAbwrMG_juI/hot-car-safety-tech-for-kids

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iPhone 6 in 4.7 or 5.5 Inches: Which Will You Buy?


Would we like yours in vast or additional large? Based on several reports, it seems all though a close that a iPhone 6 will come in dual varieties. One indication will apparently competition a 4.7-inch display, adult from a trifling 4 inches on a iPhone 5s. And a other chronicle will exaggerate a 5.5-inch screen, planting Apple resolutely in phablet territory.

There’s positively a lot of restrained direct for a iPhone 6. In fact, Apple is reportedly preparing 70 to 80 million units for prolongation before a finish of a year. But that distance is right for you?

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Because a incomparable iPhone 6 row is reportedly some-more difficult to manufacture, it’s probable that a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models won’t arrive during a same time. The Wall Street Journal claims that prolongation on a smaller chronicle will start in August, with a bigger various rolling off a line in September. However, it’s expected that both models will be announced during a same time.

No one unequivocally knows what fortitude a iPhone 6 will offer, or either it will be a same for a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch versions. But a closest we’ve seen to a sound theory comes from 9to5Mac, that reported in May that Apple was contrast a 1704 x 960-pixel screen. That would be triple a fortitude of a existent 1136 x 640-pixel arrangement on a iPhone 5s.

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Although many pattern both versions of a iPhone 6 to be among a thinnest handsets yet, there’s no removing around a fact that 5.5 inches is not optimized for one-hand use. To give we an thought of a disproportion between a 4.7-inch arrangement and a 5.5-inch one, here are dual phones shown to scale with those distance screens.

Granted, a dual handsets we’ve recruited don’t have a same resolution. The 4.7-inch Moto X has a small 720p, and a LG G3 rocks a many crisper quad HD display. But this print that we took should give we an thought of how a dual sizes smoke-stack up.

4.7 in. phone vs 5.5 inch

If we had to guess, many shoppers will ride towards a 4.7-inch iPhone 6. You’ll get a extremely incomparable shade than your aged iPhone in a pattern that’s thinner and roughly as compact. The 5.5-inch chronicle will expected attract those who don’t wish to lift a apart tablet, generally zealous readers and film watchers.

So that iPhone 6 will we buy? Or will we go with Android?


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Google Prepping Chrome OS Overhaul


Google could shortly change all we know about Chrome OS. While a stream chronicle of a hunt giant’s Chromebook handling complement takes on a familiar, Windows-inspired design, a new screenshot from a Chrome OS pattern group suggests that Google is looking  to make Chrome OS a singular alloy of desktop and mobile UI experiences. 

The screenshot posted by Google’s François Beaufort is from plan Athena, a new examination from a Chromium OS group that aims to switch adult a user knowledge of Chrome OS. The picture shows mixed Chrome windows built back-to-back, that is suggestive of a straight tabs choice on Chrome for Android. 

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Below a windows rests a toolbar, that has icons for pivotal apps like mail, calendar, video and calculator, as good as a hunt bar on top. The Athena interface is a transparent work-in-progress, with a unclothed credentials and colored blocks where app icons should be, though a determined hunt bar and built Chrome windows found in a screenshot spirit during a destiny chronicle of Chrome OS that aims to broach mobile-style immediacy to users. 

While Google continues to urge a Chrome OS knowledge with some-more apps and improved offline functionality, a association hasn’t announced any plain skeleton for a full UI refresh. If you’re meddlesome in following a swell of plan Athena, Beaufort has supposing a source code


Article source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/notebookreviews/~3/1rrFca3FCMs/new-google-chrome-os

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What is Visa Checkout?


Shopping on your smartphone can be convenient, but, unless you’re regulating a use like PayPal, cramming your credit label series into a digital keyboard can turn cumbersome. Visa is looking to yield a possess instant-buy choice with a new Visa Checkout service, that aims to speed adult online payments on both your phone and PC. If we wish to make incentive purchases even easier or don’t like PayPal, here’s what we need to know about Visa Checkout.

How does Visa Checkout work?

If you’ve used digital wallet services like PayPal, you’ll be informed with a setup routine for Visa Checkout. After environment adult an comment (your aged V.me Visa comment will work with checkout), we can register any withdraw or credit label for present access. Once you’re on a website that supports Visa Checkout, we simply daub or click a Visa Checkout trademark in sequence to compensate for your products instantly. 

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Do we need a Visa label to use Visa Checkout?

Nope. Visa Checkout works with any vital credit or withdraw card. 

What inclination does Visa Checkout work on?

Visa Checkout works on usually about any device that can entrance a web, so we can use it on your smartphone, inscription or computer. 

How secure is Visa Checkout?

According to a service’s central FAQ, Visa uses attention customary encryption and multilayer authentication to strengthen your data. 

What stores support Visa Checkout?

As a new service, Visa Checkout’s store preference is small, yet there are a few large retailers on a list. You can now use Visa Checkout online during Neiman Marcus, Plndr, Telefora, Rakuten, Petco, Wine Enthusiast, Beyond a Rack, Kazbah, Karma Loop and Cymax. Visa claims that some-more shops will be fasten a register any month.

How is Visa Checkout opposite from PayPal?

Visa Checkout and PayPal duty really similarly, yet Visa Checkout is usually used for creation purchases while PayPal is a fully-featured use that also lets we compensate friends and send income between accounts.

Visa Checkout doesn’t have scarcely a volume of upheld stores that PayPal does, yet there’s a slight preference advantage to regulating a service. While clicking a “Check out with PayPal” choice on many online stores redirects we to a apart login page, selecting a Visa Checkout idol simply brings adult a pop-up window that allows we to stay on a checkout page. 




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Microsoft to Fight Chromebooks with $99 PCs

chromebook toshiba copy

Microsoft is going to fight with Google’s Chromebooks. The Windows OS builder has announced that it is operative with a hardware partners to boat low-cost Windows 8 laptops in time for a holidays that will take on Google’s Chrome-powered systems. The Windows-based laptops, that will come from a likes of Acer, HP and Toshiba, will reportedly sell for between $199 and $250, with smaller models going for as small as $99.

According to The Verge, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner told a assembly during a company’s Worldwide Partner Conference that HP will recover a new line of laptops called “Stream” PCs that run Windows and sell for $199. Turner went on to supplement that HP will eventually recover 7- and 8-inch versions for usually $99

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Microsoft didn’t exhibit any specs for HP’s ultra low-cost laptops, yet it did contend that Acer and Toshiba will offer $249 notebooks with 15.6-inch and 11.6-inch displays, respectively. The Acer, dubbed a Aspire ES1, will underline a 2.16-GHz Intel Celeron processor with 4GB of RAM and a 500GB tough drive. The Toshiba will also embody a Celeron processor and come with a 32GB SSD.

Google’s Chromebooks, that are done by Acer, HP, Samsung and Toshiba, generally cost between $199 and $249. Beyond their handling systems, a disproportion between Windows laptops and Chromebooks is that a former let we entrance all of your program but a Web connection. Chromebooks, on a other hand, competition many apps that are usually permitted while we are online. Google is perplexing to residence this with new offline apps.

With such low prices, it goes but observant that these Windows systems won’t accurately be speed machines. If Microsoft is smart, though, it will safeguard that these low-cost PCs are absolute adequate for many users’ daily tasks. What Microsoft wants to equivocate is a repeat of a netbook, that shoppers eventually deserted for tablets and lower-cost, big-screen notebooks.

via The Verge



Article source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/notebookreviews/~3/vZmd8UsUsMo/microsoft-cheap-chromebook-challengers

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